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It is no secret that I love colour, design and interior styling.

Renovating on such a big scale has given me the opportunity to indulge this passion.

But whereas previously, I would have clipped pictures from magazines

and made moodboards and scrapbooks, I now tend to take a screenshot and create online galleries.

Whilst scrolling through my pictures I noticed that I had somewhere along the line became

obsessed with copper. Me and everyone else it seems, with copper homewares and accessories

being on point for Autumn/ Winter 15.

Simply paired with  black leather, classic white or with marble, copper brings the glamour and

warmth of colour into your home.




All images sourced via pinterest and remain property of original owners.

Trends in homeware and fashion tend to overlap, so expect to see copper and his lovely friend rose gold in clothing, accessories and jewellery.

So tell me, are you on the copper bandwagon?

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It has been really cold in Hobart the last week or so. Autumn has well and truly arrived. I am loving the colours and  changes in the leaves and the light. Today when we walked home from the Farmgate markets we kicked up Autumn leaves on the footpath like kids.

But I am having to dig very deep into my wardrobe. I am extending my Far North Queensland clothes with layering and stockings, boots and jackets.

But I am very light on in the jeans department – to be honest I have rarely worn jeans for the last 20 years. But I did find a pair of Katies Uplift jeans in pale denim. It was one of those purchases, you know, 50% off the reduced price – I think they cost $7. But they are waaaay too long and even though they claim to “slim the lower leg” there was a lot of material happening down there and I never wore them.

Nothing to lose – I decided it was time for a jean upcycle.

The sewing machine has not seen the light of day for a long long time, but it all came back like riding a bike. (Come to think of it the bike hasn’t seen the light of day for a while either!)

I tried on a pair of Cue jeans that I love the cut and length of  – then carefully aligning the crotch – pinned, stitched, cut and edged. The whole process took about 10 minutes.

pin and cutPINIMAGE


jean differencePINIMAGE

I was really pleased with the result as they are really comfortable to wear and now I don’t have to roll them 12 times and feel like I am wearing my big sisters clothes (Actually my big sister is a petite and I would never fit into her jeans!).

I was so excited the I decided to distress them and got out the stitch-ripper and scissors. I think it probably needs a little more distressing but it was curiously satisfying to do.


What do you think? Good job? Have you done any altering or upcycling – tell us about it in the comments below.

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Today’s Dr Seuss quote comes from his 1971 classic book “The Lorax”


Like most of his memorable quotes there is a deeper meaning beyond the clever rhyme. Dr Seuss  did not shy away from issues. believing  that “there’s an inherent moral in any story”.  The Lorax acts as a fable concerning the danger corporate greed poses to nature.

UNLESS someone like you cares a whole awful lot. Nothing is going to get better, It’s not.

As life lessons go. it is a biggie. I am sure my tree hugging, recycling tendencies are a direct result of reading The Lorax. But more than that, the realization that things get done in the world by people who care.  And not just care but care ‘a whole awful lot’.

 These are words to live by. To make a conscious decision to live each moment with passion, love and gratitude.

Wow that got a bit deeper than I intended but that is what I love about a good quote. Sometimes you get a smile and a nod of recognition, sometimes it really resonates and makes you stop and think.

Happy Friday sweeties. Hope you have a good day and a wonderful weekend. 

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I am a sort of ‘wear your fandom on your sleeve’ type of girl.

When I looked at  my screenshots for the last week I saw a bit of a theme

* pineapples

* grey

* aqua

* cushions

* interior design

* jewellery

* ampersands

So I thought I might share a couple of my favourites  from this week.


Frontdoor from @lightbulb_cafe in Adelaide 

-sure makes me want to go inside and have a coffee.


Totally  crushing on this Khaki and grey combo

from @misskellymadeintasmania

designer and maker of handmade jewellery and wares.


Aqua and grey dogbed (plus a french bulldog!)

regram from @bower_birds_nest

it is a @fuzzyard petbed  – the whole thing goes in the wash!


If you haven’t checked out the @ilovelinen instagram account 

stop what you are doing and check it out now!

Lauren designs very cool bedding & accessories to make a happy home.

Very happy.


What can I say – I  love a good ampersand!

This is mine from Kmart  – have you seen their homewares range – bliss

and check out @the_kmart_forecast

for some seriously good styling.

Well that’s a bit of what I have been crushing on this week. How about you? Have you noticed a theme to your fandom? Leave a comment below and add your favourite latest crush.

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One of the looks we knew we wanted for our new home was a white on white palette.

We wanted to maximize the light and create a clean fresh look that was warm, inviting and uplifting.. We wanted to blend new designer pieces with our many pre-loved vintage finds. A lot of adjectives to expect from a can of white paint! 

 The trick is to layer the many varied tints, tones and textures of white to create interest . White comes in so many shades with red, green, grey. blue and yellow undertones. It is also comes in matte, satin, semi-gloss and gloss enamel all giving a distinct textural feel and having different  light reflecting properties. 

There are about 200 different shades of white on the market. After painting many houses and lots of research and experimenting here are my all time top 5 favourite white paints.


antwhite usaPINIMAGE


Antique White USA is Dulux’s best selling colour and with good reason – it has a beautiful soft creamy overtone which adds warmth to any room. It particularly suits period houses and will be the dominant wall colour in our federation home. If you require a subtler creamy tone it can be very successfully used at half or three-quarter strength. The walls in the above image are painted Antique White USA illustrating how this classic white adds style and harmony



Another best seller for Dulux, and a favourite for joinery, skirting boards and ceilings is Vivid White. We will be using it throughout our house on trims to provide a great contrast to the Antique White USA. It can be a bit stark for walls but I have seen it used successfully  as illustrated in the image above. The classic french doors in the Antique White USA  image are painted Vivid White  showing  its more traditional use in aquaenamel gloss. Vivid White also works particularly well in  2pack for kitchen and bathroom cabinets.


natural whitePINIMAGE

Natural White is a great white for contemporary homes. It gives a really crisp, clean white without looking clinical.  Natural White provides an ideal backdrop to create visual interest as shown in the image above where it used on the walls.  I love it for modern homes or for achieving the very popular Scandinavian look.



This lovely shade has a creamy yellow base.that works really well in modern interiors looking for a softer tone. The walls in the image above have been painted Stowe White – because of the abundant natural light the room has a luminous feel but still very clean and crisp.



This is what is often referred to as a ‘dirty’ white. It can appear a bit grey but I think it gives depth and warmth. We used it throughout our previous modern home and found it worked particularly well in this contemporary setting and as a backdrop to artwork and furniture.

So that is my all time top five favourite white paints. They are all Dulux colours – we are not sponspored by Dulux but do use and recommend them for quality (and we like the ads with the dog!).

What are your thoughts on a white on white palette? Have you used any of these colours?  What are your favourite white paints? Leave yours comments below.

Thanks for dropping by


All images via Duluxaus and Pinterest 
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