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It is Friday already – time to share some Dr Seuss wisdom!

“think and wonder, wonder and think”

It is so simple but perfect – we get bombarded be so much information everyday. Songs, movies, TV shows, blogs(!) fill our heads with someone else’s thoughts. No matter how  interesting, positive or inspirational they may be, sometimes it is good to clear your mind and think and wonder, wonder and think.

Wonder about life and the universe, wonder about where you are going, wonder about what you want or who you want to be. Ponder the great mysteries of life.

Wonder about rainbows and love,  wonder about chocolate just wonder about whatever your thinks take you and see what happens.

Wonder, be filled with amazement and awe – my two and a half year old niece is amazed by everything and it is delightful to be around.

Have a great weekend and hopefully you get time to “think and wonder, wonder and think”

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This post came up on my instagram feed a couple of days ago and is the brain child of the lovely Bec Nolan from @ilovethatskirt.  At the start of this year Bec threw out a challenge not to buy anything new for 365 days. She calls it #projectnothingnewin2015  and this self professed shop-a-holic will try to re-work and re-discover the clothes in her wardrobe for an entire year.



I applaud Bec and wholeheartly support her in this challenge. I have been telling my family that I am shopping from my wardrobe all year as well.

 You see, in our house in North Queensland I had a huge walk-in wardrobe but it was dark and disorganised and jampacked full of  years of accumulated clothes and accessories. I knew the house we were moving to in Hobart  had NO wardrobes and the day we had to pack up the house I had an overwhelming desire  not to take any of it! But most of it come and then had nowhere to go so remained in boxes and on the bed and floor.

 The so called SAFARI room next to our bedroom (so called because of its wallpaper – should it stay or should it go?)  will eventually become our ensuite and walk-in wardrobe but I could wait no longer. We bought two wardrobes from IKEA and placed a hanging rod between them for extra hanging. A bookcase and old set of drawers got up-cycled for underwear and folded clothes then I added my favourite animal print chair and a hatstand. It looks pretty good (not as good as my imagined wardrobe in the top image) and it works really really well!


I literally had to handle every bit of clothing I own. I had to hang it or fold it and as I did I culled. Three piles 

1. donate 2. re–purpose and 3. throw away

I am not going to lie –  a lot got donated – but now most everything in my wardrobe brings me joy – it fits and  hopefully it flatters. And I have had so much fun finding old darlings and getting out of my fashion rut! I can not believe what great stuff I had that I just wasn’t wearing!


Back to Bec and her #nothingnewin2015.  I have been trying so hard to just look and touch all the pretties and I have been doing well. BUT… this is the first time in 23 years I have lived in a city and i have been so looking forward to actually being able to see the clothes from magazines and blogs! I am not sure I can do it.  Also I do think I am going to need some winter woolies it is only March and I am already wearing my very warmest clothes (often all at the same time).

Anytime you wear something that is an old favourite or that you have rediscovered think  of  Bec and I ! If you post a photo tag it #rediscoveryourwardrobe and @ilovethatskirt.

Have you been shopping from your wardrobe? Rediscovered any old darlings? Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts on #nothingnewin2015.  Just a thought does nothing new include opshopping I LOVE opshopping!!

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coriander loveorhatePINIMAGE

I love having a herb garden, and one of the very first things I did when we moved into our new home was to plant one. I use them every day in salads, sandwiches, stirfrys, curries or just as a garnish.

But nothing polarizes my family like coriander. We have the lovers and the haters. I am a lover, I would add it to everything – I will just eat by itself. But there are those that wont touch a meal that has added –   they say it is disgusting and taste like soap.

Why is this so..? I had to find out –  so here is a the story of why some people love coriander and some hate it. It turns out that different people perceive the taste of coriander leaves differently. Those who like it describe it as refreshing with a lemony-ginger flavour. while those with an aversion to it talk of soap or bugs!!


And with apologies to Miss19, whom I did not believe when she tried to avoid coriander – studies have shown that there is a strong genetic component linked to your perception of coriander! The aroma and taste of coriander is created by a number of substances, most of which are aldehydes. Those who dislike the taste are sensitive to the offensive aldehydes while at the same time unable to detect the aromatic chemicals that others find pleasant.

” O soap flavour/ why pollute my food? / Thou me makest retch”

You might be surprised to find that these eloquent words were not written by Shakespeare  but by one of the many contributors to the website  (Cilantro is the common name of coriander in North America.) Even my beloved Julia Child was a hater!

But I am a lover – so it is happily growing in my herb garden. You can use every part of the plant –  the leaves, stems seeds and roots and it  is actually a member of the carrot family. It is native to the Mediterranean and to Western Asia  and an essential ingredient in Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese, Indian, Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese, North African and Latin American food.


Coriander seeds are mentioned in the Old Testament, they were placed in Tutankhamen’s tomb and in AD812 the Emperor Charlemagne ordered coriander to be grown on Imperial farms. It has been used in Chinese cooking for more than 5000 years and in the Middle Ages coriander was used in Love Potions and it is often included in stomach tonics and to relieve migraines.


Are you a lover or a hater? Let me know in the comments below. The witch (I mean chemist) in me is tempted to make a love potion.  There is some evidence that crushing coriander breaks down the aldehyde molecules to which the coriander-haters are most sensitive. Looks like I will have to get out my mortar and pestle.


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I loved Dr Suess books when I was going up, but I don’t think it was until I read them out loud to my own children, with it’s delicious rhythms and rhymes that I saw how insightful and inspiring his words are.

Sometimes I think the only life advice you will ever need can be found in his deceptively simple quotes.

Today would have been my darling dad’s birthday, so I have been a bit reflective and indulging in remembrances.

Everytime I came home in my adult life, Dad and I would go for a walk along Sandy Bay Beach in the morning and afterwards he would say “how about I shout you a coffee”

I smiled when I thought “sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory”

I was thinking that every Friday we could share some  Dr Suess wisdom. Do you have a favourite Dr Suess quote? Did you read them as a child or read them to your

Remember to value the moments.

Thanks for dropping by


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Well I am not sure if we in any way resemble Tracey Island and the International Rescue Team  here at at SRBliss headquarters – though if we did I would most definitely be Lady Penelope! But we are certainly all systems  go. I haven’t posted much about our renovations so far and there have been some who have remarked that my instagram feed looks more like  “where I had coffee today”

 So this is a bit of an update of where we are up to – we have been in the house for 2 months now and to date most work has revolved around removing in the 1970–80’s additions to the house. First job, first day was to remove every stitch of carpet! Every room had a different carpet, all horrible!, with some rooms having multiple layers of carpet,  lino, cardboard, paper.. This made a huge difference straight away and mostly the floor boards underneath are wide and in good condition – sanding and varnishing them is one of the next projects.


All of the beautiful windows in the house had huge dark pelmets and heavy blinds over them – they also had to go ! Again this made huge difference being about to see the original features and bringing so much  light into the house.

It looks like there were originally six fireplaces in the house with four still in place. All have had “make overs” at some stage. The one in the living room was sporting a weird brick and rusted out firebox combo – it had to go also. It turned out to be surprisingly quick and easy to remove and we are going to reuse the bricks in the garden wall. Friends offered us a beautiful old mantelpiece that had been in one of their sheds for many years. We have stripped and painted it and we love it – now we have to try and incorporate a new heating system into it. We have been looking at wood, pellet and gas – any thoughts?


Eventually I will have a new dreamy bathroom but for now I have an 1950 addition that is actually open to the outside! How cold is it going to be in winter in there?! We laid an offcut of lino on the floor (it actually had carpet in it as well) that looks great, replaced the toilet and removed the broken glass door on the shower and added a fresh white shower curtain. It looks so much better –  but I am still frantically pinning images for my new bathroom.

The garden has been an absolute delight – we put a gazebo up the first day and have had so many happy meals and cups of Earl Grey Tea there. The boys worked so hard all summer landscaping an area for an outdoor patio that will eventually lead off my new kitchen. The plans have evolved and now at the side of the house we have 4 tonnes of sandstone, piles of sand and gravel and tomorrow we have to pick up 3000 old red bricks that we bought off Gumtree (we are gummies now) Stay turned for how this turns out – I know it is going to be fabulous!

men at workPINIMAGE

In between times we have been renovating old furniture. The house is so different from our ultra modern Queenslander that we have needed new and different furniture. Fortunately Jim’s parents had just moved out of their home of 50 years and we were given some old pieces to play with and we  have had lots of fun scouring the antique markets and second hand shops. I have lots of tips for cleaning, painting and distressing furniture to come.


So you can see it hasn’t all been coffee and cake, but we can’t rely on ‘Supermarionation” like the Thunderbirds so we need coffee and cake!  And we are aiming for a balance – we are so thankful and grateful to be in this lovely home surrounded by family and friends and realise it is important to take time every day to smell the roses and drink good coffee.


We are very open to any suggestions you might have – especially regarding a heat source for the home.  Have you been making time to smell the roses everyday?

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